Snowball vs. Wolcott Mill

Just Keep Doing It! I was delayed from starting my blog post. No. It wasn't because I didn't want to write. I just felt compelled to voice this statement because of my last post. Storyline Competition My postpone of writing was due to one major issue. Which storyline would win my affection and attention to become the next talked … Read More

I’m Not Having Writer’s Block

Is it Writer's Block? No, it's not writer's block that has delayed my posts. But, I have plenty of other of dilemmas that have interfered with my writing time. Today … Read More

Gamed Himself To Death

An Educator's Love Since I teach, I love to educate. Since I love to read, I desire all people to cherish words through reading. Since I love nature, I love to find … Read More

A 9/11 Memorial Poem

I couldn't see his face, By the memorial he did stand. He etched and rubbed, With a concentrated hand. His attention on a specific name, Where he was leaned over … Read More

Our Westie’s World


Surprised By A Westie

The Westie Adoption Process I have a true TALE about our special dog. In the following posts, you will see why he is so … Read More