I’m Not Having Writer’s Block

Is it Writer’s Block?

No, it’s not writer’s block that has delayed my posts. But, I have plenty of other of dilemmas that have interfered with my writing time. Today I will begin to unbury myself one post at a time. One Post at a Time I will begin to open my files of stories that I have been wanting to post. I will write it. That’s gonna be my new manta… I will write it. Baby, I’m back.

No Whining

I want to whine. I could whine about it. Tell you all about how I have so much to do as a teacher, wife, mom, etc. etc. Ugh! But I can’t. I have this rule about not whining.  You know the Snoopy episode that says, “No Dogs Allowed.” Well, in my house there’s a rule of “No Whining Allowed.” Yes, I’m fair… if my family can’t whine than neither can I. I just have to buck up and tell you about all the many interesting life events that have been rivaling for my time. Not bad things… just time consuming things, fun things, educational things, baking things, reading things, and crafty things. And yes… One potentially bad thing….T.V. I won’t even take up anymore time talking to you about the new fall line up and my favorite T.V. shows. I will have to save that for another post. The T.V. post will have to occur after I’ve caught up on”all my other things.”

Stay Tune

Blue Snowball USB Mic

No, I’m not having writer’s block. I’m having a time issue. But, I hope to work out my time kinks. As a teacher I will just have to use my time in a more purposeful way. This is my first year of going back to writing when I know have to fit it into my teacher’s work schedule while not neglecting my other daily responsibilities.

I will write it. It’s the weekend so I am hopeful. I just have to decide which topic will get my attention first. I will say… I could be busy on a new project that is related to my blog post. My son, Austin, has been pricing microphones. The Blue Snowball USP Microphone to be exact. I was under the impression that he had been scoping out the purchase recently. He has been trying to encourage me to start creating podcasts for my blog posts. Apparently, Austin has been keeping tabs on this technology since 2006 when the Snowball was first introduced.

Nine Years Old

“Okay, I said. I didn’t even know it’s been out that long.” To which Austin and my husband, Will, said, “Yeah, we’ve been looking at the Snowball and talking about the Snowball since it was first available to purchase in stores in 2006.”  I thought to myself okay,”Now I understand why I didn’t know about this new technology in 2006. I was busy in teacher world. And, I thought, Okay, how old was Austin in 2006?” Then I laughed. He would’ve been nine years old. Yep, that’s my techie son.


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