Long Island Children’s Museum

Great New York Children’s Museum

What an awesome garden and water exhibit at the Long Island Children’s Museum. 20120822-211604.jpgDefinitely my favorite exhibit here! My family and I explored this creative and fun museum this summer. Most of the exhibits turned out to be for my younger kids but we as a family still enjoyed ourselves.

My kids love to make crafts. At the Long Island Children’s Museum there are two exhibits where kids can make their own creations. At the toolbox exhibit they worked to make a wood piece creation. Next to the toolbox exhibit, the kids can add more decorative pieces to complete their toolbox creation or make a new craft entirely.

Garden and Water Features

Of course, I mentioned the garden and water exhibit first so now on to my bias. My Love! 20120822-211713.jpgMy Heart’s Desire. You will become a believer as well when you see my pics that I included. What a well done garden and water exhibit! They incorporated so many gardening ideas that I would absolutely be thrilled to include for my backyard. I love water features and the one at this museum is my new favorite. It is so so cute.

20120822-211758.jpgThe kids can start at the water feature that allows them to create dam. We saw many little equipped kids already playing in their swim suits. The top of the water table where the dam is located then flows down into a creek water-bed. The kids can play in the creek area as well as cool off in the hot summer sun. A very strategically and perfectly sized tree was planted in this water area to create shade. The designer thought of everything with several wooded beach chairs placed near the outskirts of the water area. Just out of reach of the water splashing, the parents can relax and watch their children have fun.

Roof Top Garden Exhibit

20120822-211923.jpgNext to the creek there is a roof garden exhibit. I’ve always been fascinated with these type of gardens. I would love to have one if roof of my house wasn’t so steep. My ideal roof garden would be one where you could have an access roof top with the ability to have a patio garden area. Oh, and I can’t forget a water feature with my roof top garden. What a dream garden that would be.

Within the garden area exhibit there was also another craft area. My kids loved making a 20120822-211858.jpgcraft bug to go along with the garden theme. The whole area was so well thought out. Besides the water station area, other play areas included a sand area, hiding tree, arbor reading nook, and a mister to keep you cool. What an inventive place to hang out! Love it!

Museum Reciprocity

If you have planned a trip to Long Island and have elementary aged kids, then this museum is worth the visit. The Long Island Children’s Museum also honors certain other museum passes as part of museum reciprocity. With our family museum from our state, the museum allowed four family members to get in free. This is a great savings benefit when you are vacationing.



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