The Nordic Ware Stare

A Jaw-dropping Surprise

Last weekend, while shopping at Target, I made a discovery that created my jaw to fall in an excited manner. In conjunction with my jaw, my bewildered eyes must have popped out in true cartoon fashion. Were my surprised eyes deceiving me or could it actually be true? I should have expected it! My expectation is anticipated with this month of the year.

Nordic Ware Stare

September has arrived. I was aware that the month of September ushers in complete bliss for the baking lover’s life. Well, it does for this baking lover’s heart. On this spectacular September day, I once again did the Nordic Ware stare. Those of you who have read any of my Nordic Ware posts definitely know the meaning of  the “Nordic Ware stare.”  It’s a look of sheer delight mixed with  astonishment and satisfaction.

THE Aisle

I knew the day must be coming soon. After all… it’s September and everyone knows that this month invites a surplus of baking. My family and I walked through our favorite aisles of the store. We picked out some birthday cards for our relatives. I was making my way to THE aisle the BAKING aisle. It’s a common theme of mine while shopping at stores…. hit the book area and the cooking aisle for new products.

Bundt Quartet Pan

As I  continued to meander through the rows of goods, I perused over to the regular Nordic Ware baking row. I was hopeful for new products but definitely let down. Or so I thought!  Sure there were no new Nordic Ware products in the regular section of cooking. However…. I hadn’t made my way to the seasonal aisle. An aisle that Target usually doesn’t stock it’s seasonal Nordic Ware. Yet, there it was. The absolutely cutest  Bundt Quartet Pan by Nordic Ware that I have ever seen. As soon as I saw it, I knew the pan was a must have.

Mayday It’s Payday

Not a must have for the future purchase…. No way!  This purchase was a must have for today. It didn’t even have to convince me. I didn’t need to talk myself into the buy. After making sure I picked a no blemish pan, he was placed quickly into my cart.

Lemon Cream Cake

My family loves lemon desserts especially Will. So it was perfect when I saw a recipe on the back of the packaging for a Lemon Cream Cake. One individual cake serves a family of six but only if you cut small pieces. When you add ice cream  to the cake then you will have a great after dinner dessert. Sometimes a small sampling of cake is an excellent sweet choice. Because you know… a small conservative portion tonight leaves room to justify a new sweet treat for tomorrow.


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