Snowball vs. Wolcott Mill

Just Keep Doing It!

I was delayed from starting my blog post. No. It wasn’t because I didn’t want to write. I just felt compelled to voice this statement because of my last post.

Storyline Competition

My postpone of writing was due to one major issue. Which storyline would win my affection and attention to become the next talked about bit of information. The stories argued their importance and worthiness in the battlefield of my mind. Each one determined to prove that their truth deserved a higher ranking on “My Must Write About List.”

Compromise is Good

I decided to compromise. I’ll write a little bit about two great information pieces. Here’s the decision; A little bit about where my family and I adventured to today. And, my thoughts about experimenting with the Snowball to use for podcasts.

Today we travelled over back to Wolcott Metro Park near Utica, Michigan. Yesterday we drove over to the park to photograph the gorgeous array of trees changing colors. I had seen the park sign on Friday when my family and I were in route to Westview Orchards. Once we reached the park yesterday, we discovered this Metro Park was home to the Wolcott Mill Historic Center.

Right in one of the fields was a sign that read Civil War Muster. We knew we were in the right place for the fall pictures… The landscape was a little bit of heaven. And, as soon as we saw the sign we were in history heaven.

We Love History!

Once we arrived at the park lot that’s when we saw the jackpot of Civil War History. The park was hosting a Civil War Encampment compete with two demonstrations of Civil War Skirmishes. The whole weekend was dedicated to Civil War Time Period of 1862 for the 150th anniversary of the Civil War.

Next Topic Snowball

On Friday night my son, Austin, could wait no longer. He had to purchase the Snowball. I don’t follow technology like the rest of my family but I must say I was totally in support of this purchase. A purchase that would definitely benefit me. Austin has been encouraging me to create podcasts from my blog posts. I will say that I surprised myself. I didn’t realize just how fun it would be. And we have only just begun.

Stay Tune

I will be posting more about the Snowball as Austin and I continue to podcast. We hope to release several blog posts soon. And as far as the Wolcott Mill weekend, I have plenty of information to post. In fact, this definitely needs a whole post dedicated our whole experience. Stay tune for more on both of these topics.


  1. Darrell Jones says

    Great pictures..what type camera do you use? Is your family hoping to attend other civil war musters? If so please post those pictures.

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