Sunny Disposition

Basking in the Sun Rays

A sunny disposition describes my sunflowers in a radiant way. They are happiest to be basking in the sun rays on a daily basis. These sunflowers are real pros when it comes to positioning themselves for maximum sun ray coverage. You could say that they are genuine sunbathers.

Midwest Day

Today was a perfect Midwest day to catch up on lawn care and flowerbeds. My husband, Will, mowed the front yard while I rearranged our decorative gardening features. As you can see on my pictures included, I have a gorgeous art sculptured sunflower. I discovered it at an awesome store in the Amana Colonies. The artist has his own shop and store on his property in Amana, Iowa. My sunflower is just one of hundred designs that he handcrafts.

Gotta Go Back to Visit

I know I am ready to go back to the Amana Colonies with cash to buy more. This Amana Colony artist also makes about every kind of animal sculpture you can think of. All of the colors to his pieces are radiant and bright.

Coming Soon

Well, stay tune. It won’t be long my sunflowers heads are almost ready to open. I’ll be posting some more shots of them within a week. I can’t wait to see how gorgeous they are going to turn out. I’m trying not to rush them too quickly because my babies sure are growing up fast.


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