Surprised By A Westie

The Westie Adoption Process


I have a true TALE about our special dog. In the following posts, you will see why he is so special and how he came to not only find us, but more importantly adopt us. It is an incredible story and one that is worth the read.

Before he found us, it would take not only the prayers that it would happen, but the belief of my kids that their prayers would be answered. This faith took three years of believing. Three years before he showed up at our backyard gate as if he had lived with us his whole entire life. He didn’t give us the opportunity to say yes or no. However, he gave us two choices about his adoption…. Yes. and YES!


I admit I was the hold out. In adding a dog to a two cat home, this could cause a CATastrophe. Plus, all of our other obligations… Well, I just kept realizing he was so darn cute. And his eyes were so convincing. He followed the kids around like he was theirs. As day went on and the more he was with us, the more it seemed like we never knew a day without him.

We knew it!

I thought surely he was our neighbors’ dog from house behind us. Our backyards touched. We didn’t see them much because our wooded part of our property separated our lots. But, I knew that they had dogs. We called them and got the response. “No, he’s not ours.” I looked at my husband’s face… it was over. He was ours as long as he truly had no owner.

And well, a dog’s got to have a bed, dog bowl, and food. So just like that, we made a trip to our local Wal-Mart. We purchased all his essentials.

I say “he” because how his name was chosen… Well, that has a life of its own and will require another whole post.


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